Matthew Heyer Ft. Kyiki – My Melody

Matthew Heyer undermines his status as a hit delivery engine, but that has yet to peak. This goes pretty much in the dj snake vein, but still has a more of a dance music feel ... More Details

Mothica – Out Of It (Delamare Remix)

Bad Ass tune from young and promisung producer Delamare. Any other remix of this already astounding tune by Mothica would have normally ended in an instant rejection from our side, but give it a listen ... More Details

Whitney Houston – Fine (LeMarquis & Tilka Remix)

This one goes out to all my DJ buddies + the ones i don't know yet or haven't played some records with. Hope you dig it! Outstanding remix of Whitney Houston's "Fine" by french producers LeMarquis & ... More Details

Vandelux – Bright Lights [Free Download]

Guess what popped up in our mailbox? Right - new material by Vandelux. "Bright Lights" marks his first original release including his very own vocals which i haven't realized on my first listen. The style differs a bit from ... More Details

Hollow Coves – Coastline

First time i've heard from Hollow Coves from Brisbane, Australia, but their single 'Coastline' is a smooth & uplifting indie-folk offering and part of their upcoming EP Wanderlust. Outstanding song and the perfect mood for a ... More Details