Trouble (feat. Talay Riley) by Icarus 

A true winner, with a whole bunch of soul to back it up. The real winner though is the singer, Talay Riley imho. Welcome little grove jam to brighten up your monday mood and carpe ... More Details

Get To Know Ya Feat. Nerose by TyC 

Our entire crew like the production on this duet. This has some sincere hypnosis to it, if you let it. A pop song with some sincere commercial aspect to it. Unique in many ways. Really ... More Details

Letta Mbulu – Down By The River (Dunmore Park Remix)

This is a DJ's pick, love the lo fi feel of it and the heavy atmo, with it's sparse keys in the back and the tender vocal that breezes over the ever changing but monotonous ... More Details

Out Of Drugs by KelsyKarter

This track is lyrically so much on point and nails the current, modern destabilized relationship status of modern society so much. The way Kelsey comes across is as somewhere between Lana Del Rey and a ... More Details

Koni & Jeongwoo – Sun Goes Down (feat. Lilianna Wilde)

Ever questioned the magic of the internet? This new track called "Sun Goes Down" is a great example of a worldwide collab, split across Germany, Korea and the U.S. The producers Koni & Jeongwoo have ... More Details

Radar by Noah Slee

Back to Space Funk and radioactive soul, reminiscent of the whole broken beat scene and their contrasting sound to the Neo Soul movement. Could be a 2017 release on Bloodstone. solid work there! Enjoy! Follow Noah ... More Details