Jean Atem & RAYVON – Spend Time

A dancehall r&b blend with a lot of pop appeal, straight from the island of Saint Lucia, with a proper sexy Caribbean feel. No doubt when Rayvon is on the track, but still the whole ... More Details

Trust Feat. Cintia Lund by The Golden Pony

Big tune alert! The Golden Pony have been frequent flyers on this blog and we appreciated many of their remixes, but this track is a universe in itself with all its many details that make ... More Details

Introducing the haunting beauty of VVAVES “Fall Apart”

Emma Sophia Rosen aka VVAVES is a 21 year old Canadian, and a self-taught singer/producer. She has been making music since she can remember; songs have always been an outlet for her to make poetry ... More Details

New Kid on the Block: Vibin’ by Fluxkid

I guess this is what the Native Tongues would sound like if they were coming out today. Doesn't this sound just like a solid classic De La Soul track? Love it! I honestly like this ... More Details

LIT AF! : Tongue Tied (Ft. Bri Tolani) by The Highrollers

Can the real squatting slavs please stand up! Bomb track by the Highrollers feat our favourite femvox atm : Miss Bri Tolani. The song has some kind of EDM feel to it, you know like ... More Details

Worldclass : Where I’m At (ft. Chloe Kissner) by Aftrparty

Head in my hands, Heart in my mouth.. First single from 'The Aftrparty' EP. Available on this weeks New Music Playlist on Spotify and according to the labels track record, this epic tune will around ... More Details