DON’T forget last years “Detune” by KALEIDA

My favorite act for the past 2 years. Get with Kaleida. Detune is right in so many ways when rational thought is now censored and punished, not only anymore by some self righteous hate preachers ... More Details

Dream Machine – Why we tune to A=432hz

If you don't know what this frequency is about, pls google it. I have a lot of respect for these truly "woke" folks.

FTRSL: Drunk All Night (Slowz Remix)

Very solid production from connoisseur, taken from the remix package. Here are all the details: Available: fanlink /// Follow @ftrsl: twitter ::: Zuckerbook ::: instagram ::: spotify

Mary Jane by Kellz

Official new Mafia Soul Release , came out like yesterday. And it is catchy AF! Savage Contemporary Soul, and of course he is taking about the green girl. Get with it.

Introducing Mafia Soul Records – Official Playlist

I found out about Mafia Soul Rec via Submithub, when whoever send it through spammed my inbox with about 2 or 3 pages of submissions, but honestly spammed is not the right word, since this ... More Details

ZOMO – Fly (feat. ASPEN & FaluPhalu) 

Very solid Debut single and first release by ZOMO. Captivating track and i guess a first indication of what they are capable of and what we can expect from them. Hope their next release is ... More Details