“E’reybody wants to be a cat… and cats need an awful lot of music”

There are many heroes in this world. Big and small ones, loud or silent ones. Heroes from this planet or heroes from foreign worlds. On ChromeMusic they all have their spot. Especially cats.

Since our hearts belong to music you will mainly find our musical inspirations. We’ll write about everything from brand new music to birds tweeting. Can’t go wrong with music – we all love it. Imagine you had the perfect soundtrack for every minute of your life. Here you can browse through, stumble upon, dance to, sing to and clap your hands to it, while singing and dancing.

You will find songs that wil make you laugh… some will make you cry. Some to listen to alone, some that you will play to your friends or that you will play at your next party. But that is up to, it’s your soundtrack and we were only suggesting. Or get lost in our playlists and soundtracks. Hours of handpicked music in a continuous loop… while you spend your time doing the things that matter to your heart. Or to get a better mood while doing things like working, studying and so on… In the meantime we’ll pet our cats.

From time to time you will run into videos, serious issues, great news stories, uplifting writings, essential nerd talk or… cats. Because, besides our ears, we also like to use our other senses. We like to lie around in the green gras beneath trees while listening to nature’s stories. We like to run around foreign cities and we like to lose and find our perspective at unknown street corners. We like to ride some funny trends and meditate afterwards. That’s why ChromeMusic is not only music…