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YUM YUM Top Tunes Continues | 2/17

It has been a long time! And starting right now we are back with our monthly YUM YUM Top Tunes! Much has changed, the world has gotten even madder than before, a lot of cry babies left & right, and since we are so ...Read More

Mothica – Out Of It (Delamare Remix)

Bad Ass tune from young and promisung producer Delamare. Any other remix of this already astounding tune by Mothica would have normally ended in an instant rejection from our side, but give it a listen and hear for yourself why this is definitely a ...Read More

Breda – Experience (ft. Olivia Louise)

If this track is any indication of where Breda is going there’s gonna be babies made to their sound. Yes, it’s that good! If you wanna go all technical, Riverside Studio, on them, than there is some wiggle room for improvement, mostly in the ...Read More

Khwezi – Like an Animal

Check out my man Khwezi, hailing from Durban, S.A. Proper original hip hop feel, with some deep futuristic approach underneath the surface. One of those tunes that could go places in Germany, and especially one place, a real live dancefloor .  Don’t know if ...Read More