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The Letter by Todd Kessler

Lovely gem by Todd Kessler. Picked this post a few weeks back but didn’t get back to write this post. Finally here it is and definitely worth checking it out. Give this very heartfelt and warm tune. This is one of those tunes that ...Read More

More Than I Do (feat. Oferle) by Saxity

Harmonious contrast: Dance music act Saxity & family band Oferle blurring lines. Musician- and producer duo SAXITY from Cologne, Germany teams up with Indiana’s (USA) family band Oferle to create a catchy dance tune blurring the lines between Deep House, Pop and modern Country ...Read More

Dive In by Koni & Maria Lynn

Sending love all the way from Cologne to New York is difficult…so covering the 3700 mile distance takes something special. Fortunately Koni has the perfect track up his sleeve to make it happen. With his new single “Dive In“ with Maria Lynn, he brings ...Read More

Pure Bliss – The Future feat. Antony & Cleopatra by Motez [Video]

Lovely little track here. Give it a spin and see if and how it connects with you. Quiet little pop gem of a duet with a sweet feel that sounds like a sunset on a roof top, hence the video. Good one! Buy/Stream >>> HERE!

Jungle Fever (feat. Antonio & Gaza) by Akh

Seriously OMG, how well written are those lyrics and how many good melodies are packed in here?!? AKH is a newcomer, but honestly i think this is huge for a first song and just imagine what else he can come up with a few ...Read More