▶ Sene – Spoiled Rotten Apples & Brooklyknight Video



*** i am a dj & producer veteran, built a 20 city spanning party network in germany, me & my team built the worlds first fully automated music label, i consult the comm industry & politicians. my work & passion at ChromeMusic has been a constant source for a&r's. ps i love the human spirit ;) ***

Sene has a new album out called “Brooklyknight” on Plug Research. Check out Senes Artist Page on PR for more videos and music. The whole album is really the essence of dope and this young buck is constantly putting out quality material. BK only raises the bar a bit and as good as the entire album is, this has to be my favourite track by far:


Sene – Spoiled Rotten Apples

Ps check out the whole LP via Plug Research– PR on Soundcloud / buy “Brooklyknight

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