Lu & Sowlmate – Runaway Life [Video & Full EP] – Part 2



***Don't be driven by fear and don't go chasing pleasure. You will lose yourself in the world, the external.

***If you cannot find the truth right where you are,where else do you expect to find it?

***Have you ever sat very quietly with closed eyes
and watched the movement of your own thinking?
Have you watched your mind working?
Or rather, has your mind watched itself in operation,
just to see what your thoughts are,
what your feelings are,
how you look at the trees, at the flowers,
at the birds, at people,
how you respond to a suggestion or react to a new idea?
Have you ever done this?

***Slow Down. You will not miss a thing, but you will find the entire universe. Slow down!

Since we had our first part on Lu & Sowlmate here is part 2 which is their neatly done video. These guys mean it and are worth a second and third listen. Check out their premier EP below. Our buddies are here to stay and we sincerely hope you enjoy the genuine honesty in their music. We LOVE it!

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