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See You Smile by Mike Ferrera

Have a sweet weekend with this chill, relaxed reggae influenced smooth wake up tune. Think of your loved one and get with the vibe of “I just wanna see you smile”. Spread love to the world. Follow Mike Ferrera on Facebook

Out Of Drugs by KelsyKarter

This track is lyrically so much on point and nails the current, modern destabilized relationship status of modern society so much. The way Kelsey comes across is as somewhere between Lana Del Rey and a grande dame of 60s music. The entire retro sound ...Read More

Deep End by ShelBee 

I heard this tune the very first time a few weeks ago and instantly liked it, not only bc of it’s sparse use of instrumentation but mostly bc of Shel Bees phrasing, intonation and the way she delivers the top lines. A seriously good ...Read More

Liyv – Splintered Arms (Seven AM Remix)

This is perfection as a tune and in it’s vibe. You are gonna fall hard for the Seven AM remix of Liyv. Nailing the Zeitgeist and the vibe pretty hard beat-production wise & lyrically ! Instagram ::: Twitter  

Only Got Eyes For Her by Ezra Jordan 

Good solid songwriter if i ever saw one. This might be lyrically & beatwise a bit to generic for many of you, but you can dive into his voice and the feel of it. listen on Spotify

Horizon by The Accents

The Accents “Horizon” sounds a bit like a love theme to an 80’s flicks love teen love scene, but also has aspects of an old school downtempo/trip hop song. Just embrace it;) Website ::: Instagram ::: Twitter ::: Zuckerbook