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The Last Cannibals

cannibals.bmp “We journey deep into the heart of West Papua to track down perhaps the last remaining cannibals in the world. The Korowai have lived by the same customs for 10,000 years.” (Journeyman video stream).
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Family Guy “Prequels”

special peter1.bmp Two shorts from Seth MacFarlane illustrating the evolution of Family Guy.
After being hired at Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc., MacFarlane was given a chance at the age of 22 in 1996 to direct an animated feature entitled “Larry and Steve“, a nine minute short which was broadcast as part of Cartoon Network’s World Premiere Toons.       

Before that, MacFarlane created a short film entitled “The Life of Larry” while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. It featured a middle-aged slob named Larry Cummings, his cynical talking dog, Steve, wife Lois, and pudgy teenage son Milt. The film begins with a live-action segment where MacFarlane, as himself, briefly describes the show and its characters. The film includes many of the same gags that would appear in the first few episodes of Family Guy, such as the Star Trek parody in “I Never Met the Dead Man”.

And one more of Seth MacFarlane as he spoke at Harvard’s Class Day for the 2006 graduating class.
The majority of the speach was presented as the characters Peter, Stewey and Quagmire.

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11 Year Old Wonder

fat kid.bmp Before her performance 11 year old Bianca Ryan is hinted that she may have bitten off a little more than she can chew when chosing the song ‘And I’m telling you I’m not going’ by Jennifer Holiday. Watch what she does with the song.             

Included in the jury is every germans favorite actor/singer…

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Doomsday sneak preview

comet.bmp Pretty realistic japanese animation of what a meteorite collision would look like if it hit Earth.            

And a pretty unrealistic russian account of what happend as it really hit earth at 7:17 a.m. on June 30, 1908 in Siberia. Check out the references of the “tunguska incident” in fiction, at the end of the article.

Just a matter of time, every dinosaur knows-but I really hope it wont happen the next days, it’d be really disappointing to vaporize into space before giving my own doomsday device at least one go. Very soon… more on that.

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Everyone on Earth has royal roots

prince1.jpg Good example: Actress Brooke Shields, she has a pretty impressive pedigreeâ€â€?hanging from her family tree are Catherine de Medici and Lucrezia Borgia, Charlemagne and El Cid, William the Conquerer and King Harold, vanquished by William at the Battle of Hasting. Another example: 80 percent of England’s present population descends from Edward III.          

And it seems we all descend from some royal house, some pope (yes they multiplied too) or some other highness (murdering despot)… at least accordimg to scientists chances are quiet promissing that you/me are kings and queens. I for sure only know two royals whom I want for ancestors: the Lion King and/or Count Dooku. Ahhh good ol’ geneology for all those who want to upgrade their self esteem by simple means.

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