the Name Voyager

Let’s see how creative or en vogue your parents were with your name. The “Name Voyagerâ€? lets you see how popular your name was in the past decades (reaching back to the 1880ies!).

Ps if your name is dawg or 50 cent – don’t even bother…


This one is just ridiculous. Feast your eyes on this – but you better not eat it: Rapsnacks..It sure is fat.. (sorry.. phaaat)

I recommand the Master P platinum BBQ  Flavor snacks. If you find some rapnames that don’t ring a bell – don’t you worry – that is some artists that only sell in the states and we have never heard of either. But I am still looking for the Mobb Deeps Gunsmoke Flavor ..

Food design

Talking about food. I wonder why the design-maniacs haven’t picked up on our food yet. Oh, of course they have.. (at least the “pleasure appleâ€? is cute) – the “ visionary grocery storeâ€? just looks so damn star trek.. If you wanna see more pictures click here. (I rather have this anytime than any rapsnacks)


Ever heard of Audiotag. It’s a little genius idea. Small boxes that you leave in public places with your own audio messages. (always the simple things)…

(just imagine everything you always wanted to say to a cop)