YUM YUM 03.06.2005

YUM YUM, just half a year old, has already become a household name and is getting praise from places all over Europe. Anyhow, we welcome you to dance the night away to the tasty sounds and exclusive mixes by DJ Chrome and Schu, as the willing ambassadors of a pleasant warm atmosphere and most danceable music. So come Friday, June 3rd in the Registratur and see for yourself how cushy and yummy a club evening can be.Guest-DJs: La Boutique DJ-Team
1. “That Brandy Trackâ€? (Disco Rmx)
2. “All that Jazz” Fresh and MC Darrison
3. “Back offâ€? Sean Paul
4. “Seven Nation On Fire” Busta Rhymes vs. White Stripes ‘
5. “Maryâ€? Scissor Sisters

YUM YUM 06.05.2005

YUM YUM, still a monthly party held at Registratur, Munich, is getting invitations all over. And it is not the club-owners but the people who are demanding a second night. Don’t worry chaps, we’ll get there soon and keep you updated. On May 6th DJ Chrome and Schu will bring you once again heart-warming sounds, genre-bending mixes and the summer feeling you’ve been missing. Just leave the rain outside, get yourself a drink and dance yourself sweaty.

Guest DJ: Florian Keller

1. “Earth a run redâ€? Richie Spice
2. “Bad Boy Diner” Suzan Vega vs. Bad Boy
3. “Stardancerâ€? Plant Life
4. “Sitting, Waiting, Wishingâ€? Jack Johnson
5. “Crying in the chapelâ€? Elvis Presley Dub

YUM YUM 01.04.2005

On April 1st we invite you to the now massive YUM YUM. As it looks as if Winter won’t leave anytime soon this season, we give you the opportunity to save on your heating costs and warm your soul on the loving bossom of YUM YUM. So brace yourself for another spectacular night with exclusive tracks, visual effects and the soothing sounds of YUM YUM that will shorten the time till summer.

DJs: Chrome // Schu //

Guest: Gringo

1. Karmastitious – Alicia Keys & Stevie Wonder
2. Used to love you (Yam Who Rmx)- John Legend
3. One Thing (Denni Krivit Re-Edit) –  Amerie
4. All the lonely people – Beatles vs. Suga Riddem
5. Hungry – Fanton Mojah

YUM YUM 04.03.2005

With Spring already in mind and Dj Chrome and Schu on the turntables, on FridayMarch 4th we will give you a taste of summer and some delicious new tunes, you can only hear on YUM YUM nights. Chrome’s Megamash is on the way with some 20 (!!!) new Remixes and Mashups that you won’t get to hear anywhere else but here at YUM YUM on March 4th.
1. “Jamican Jerk Off” Gamm Rec
2. “Get Impeccableâ€? Dirtsman & Missy
3. “Imagineâ€? Nu Mark (John Lennon Cover)
4. “Word upâ€? Willis
5. “Can’t satisfy her” I-wayne