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dani o. Short recap of Top Friend Party Munich, November 12th @ Erste Liga

Who the F*** is Steve Aoki? I’m quite sure that 90% of the estimated 2000 people who went to see him play at the opening of the P1 club didn’t know that at all! But when Munichs poshest club calls, they are coming. Honestly – we felt that! Munich is a small city. Nevertheless STEVIE MAC and RAPH played awesome music and those who were there enjoyed it. By the way it was RAPHs Top Friend @ Liga debut… Though late, in the end those who were not willing to sweat at Prinzregentenstreet came to party with us and it was a good night! Thnx 2 all!

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Next Top Friend Party @ Erste Liga is at the 26th of November with BEN MONO, SCHU & CHROME. It’s gonna be massive, Ben Mono & Dani are celebrating their birthdays! Follow us on twitter or join our FB group

Short recap of Top Friend Party Munich, October 8th @ Erste Liga

Who ever thought that it could change that way…? Before four it was honestly pretty lame! Munich was empty, the crowd seemed tired and the atmosphere was strange –  Oktoberfest ended only some days before. Everyone felt – the end is near. But then… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! From 4 a.m. standing turned into bouncing, the vibes were good, music was party and bodies were shaken. And I mean shaken! Special thanks to SCHOWI the man who came all the way down from Berlin to make us dance and yeah! He made us dance! Alors, on danse encore ORI! Quite a surprise when Max Herre and his Crew showed up and enjoyed the sound with us even when the lights were turned on… Ok! Now we know that we can do it… Maybe little earlier next time.

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Our friend and amazing DJ BEWARE – Hongkong’s 3 times Technics DMC champion, radio DJ, remixer and globe trotting party rocker who hosts the radio show “FM4 Unlimited” will play together with CHROME at the 22nd of October. See you there!

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Short recap of Top Friend Party Munich, September 24th @ Erste Liga

OMG! What more to say? Octoberfest! Carnival @ Liga? To say it shortly… come on… we can do this better! Look at some of the pics from last Thursday and learn more about Bavarian club culture during the so called 5th season…

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We’re looking forward to the 8th of October – SCHOWI (Bass Ill Euro/YUM YUM Berlin) will play together with ORI NERO our boy from Tel Aviv @Erste Liga in Munich… no Lederhosen this time… for sure! RSVP to the event…

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Sugoy!s on Friday


While people go crazy over the world’s biggest beer-festival
going down in Munich, SUGOY! stays put in place. For now.

We got SUGOY!’s Boys Max Mausser and Ori Nero bringing
you some fresh blog-related party cracks and old loved ones.

And a second floor operated by P1-residents with October-
fest music. Uh. But hey,  it’s your choice.

Ori Nero has been pulling his mid-eastern connection and
came up with this new audio product from Soulico Israel’s
top crew for blog-sounds. Here they feat. Rye Rye. Hit them
on myspace. Their new album is due Oct 6.

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Exotic On The Speaker (feat. Rye Rye)