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Voluntary Army

First we take Baghdad and then… …hmmm, we are gonna need more troops.
Yes sherlock, you’re in the army now.
Get your lazy little high school ass in gear – go enlist with the army – we need you. We are running low on little “too-young-to-understand-what-the-fuck-is-going-onâ€? boy soldiers, so think about your future and all the opportunities you get offered in the us army and make the only wise descision you can… Go serve in Canada. Hey – but it’s a voluntary army in the states. There’s no draft. Yeah right, eisenhower.

the Downing Street Memo

The greatest news story of this year was the Downing Street Memo – Have you ever heard of it? Of course you haven’t cause somebody’s been very quiet about it and even the european media wasn’t making too much of a fuss about it. What its about? Oh, its just the legal proof to impeach Bush and all the others.

Here’s a freeway blogger on that topic.
Here’s the story: Downing Street Memo.
Here’s how often it got mentioned in the US mainstream media (in comparison to that American highschool chick who went missing in Aruba or the Michael Jackson story – see what I mean by distraction?)

ABC News: “Downing Street Memo”: 0 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 42 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 121 segments.

CBS News: “Downing Street Memo”: 0 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 70 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 235 segments.

NBC News: “Downing Street Memo”: 6 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 62 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 109 segments.

CNN: “Downing Street Memo”: 30 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 294 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 633 segments.

Fox News: “Downing Street Memo”: 10 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 148 segments; Michael Jackson”: 286 segments.

MSNBC: “Downing Street Memo”: 10 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 30 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 106 segments.

Solar Sailing

The age of the solar sail is upon us. A lotta Sci-Fi authors, moviemakers and comicbook artists have been talking about solar sailing. And now it’s finally here.

Cosmos 1 – what it is.

How it works – skip the intro and watch the explanatory video.

I know the video is a bit reminiscent of Resident Evils Umbrella Corperation – but the idea is great and since its launch last week it has been working so far. See for yourself through the Clay Center Observatory.

Sandsation in Berlin

I need a new Sandsation: They are just having it up in Berlin. (which sounds like “up yoursâ€?), but any way, seems like the organizers in Berlin are just not clever enough to take some good pictures and put it on their site. So I had to check some dutch dude who got pictures from the dutch sandsation. Amazing gruly, and the sculptures are entirely and only made of sand.