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Everythings better with graphics.

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Rap is misunderstood.


The only rap album that i really need.


Thank god someone face swapped these famous rap albums with Aziz Ansaris face!

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Redman loves Broccoli <3


And now…


Taiga Trece feat. MC Luka – BienVenidos

“The Universe sends us exactly what we are ready for at the exact time we need it in our lifes”

– Kundalini Spirit

My Hippie Happy Hip Hop Chic and good friend from Munich Taiga Trece just released her new Video “BienVenidos”. While always following and supporting my friends in anything they do, the best feeling is to watch their success growing constantly. That is what the world needs the most. People who fight for their dreams and work on them every damn day to live a fulfilled and independent life…

Enjoy the track and show Taiga some support. Believe me, she appreciates every single like more than you could ever imagine :)

Taiga Trece :: Facebook