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Clique (Chrome Rework) – Baauer, Santigold, Kanye, Jay-Z, Big Sean

The already epic Clique tune that everyone has been killing for some time now, gets to hook up with 2 equally epic tunes, (King of Trap) Baauers “Dum Dum” and Santigolds “This is not our Parade. Just added the two Lead synthlines of Baauer & Santi (with a few twists and turns) on top of the original and added some old school Shinehead vocals to give it that maximum boost. So technically its a remix or mashup or a dancefloor enhancement tune. Meh, anyways its a YUM YUM version. Hope you like this new Clique

Say My Name (Yum Yum Trap Version)

Destiny’s Child gets the Trap treatment, plus we used a little sample of SBTRKT’s infamous Wildfire. Almost a mashup but not really since its a proper production. Had some assist from Marki and Schowi and thats a good thing. Enjoy this one, goes down a storm on the floor and make sure to play it out loud, since we are all caught in the trap right now

AlunaGeorge – “Watching Over You”


Aluna George – Watching over you

AlunaGeorge “Watching Over You”. AG is the next big ting, actually already is according to the webs, and well deserved i say. Enjoy this tune, hug them on fb & sc and help them become well known in mainland eu as well. Snatching the crown while no one noticed, i like that. ps check out their videos and ‘watching over you’ is an official WIN.

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The Rmx Ep of YLYD:

New Kelis 12″

Also Kelis – “About to hate me” with that infamous “93 till infinity”
break – great tune and somehow Kelis understands to
bring the goods each and every time – even if the tracks
sound corny or even cheesy at times – this sure is the
best cheese Denmark has to offer.