Mark Ronson – I Can’t Lose Ft. Keyone Starr (Pomo Remix)

I think there is no denying in the fact that we fully support Mark Ronson on Chrome Music since day one. His music is always uplifting and every production is neat. Therefore you “can’t lose” in using his music and bring your own interpretation to it . Brilliantly remixed by canadian producer Pomo as always. My personal fav. until today is his ‘Sade – Nothing Can Come Between Us‘ edit, i’m going to post here during the next few days.

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WIN! Junior Kelly – Mile In My Shoe

This is my jam right here right now. On repeat since i stumpled upon Junior Kelly’s soulful reggae dancefloor stomper. We love catchy double time beats and jep, we are going to play this beautiful gem on our YUM YUM parties for sure as well as we use to play Love So Nice. Really looking forward to his upcoming album ‘Urban Poet’ in October 2015. Turn up your Headphones!

Ticklah – El Dia De Suerte

‘El Dia De Suerte’ or ‘The Lucky Day’ is a perfect warmup tune to bring some good vibes to the floor and get the crowd moving during the early hours. Playing a proper warmup is still one of the most important things to me, cause it’s easy to play current hits, sing-a-longs or all time classics that everyone knows and moves along to, but catching the crowd as they enter the door is the key.

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Griz – Summer ’97 ft. Muzzy Bearr (Free Download)

felt like spreading the love and dropping a summer vibes tune for everyone today. this was a song that i started last summer but by the time i finished it it was almost winter and the timing was a bit weird so I continued to refine it and waited. muzzy bearr on the guitar

Get your dose of summer with this smooth and laid back tune whenever you need it. Make sure to grab your free download over here.

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