YUM YUM Versions

new version & first YUM YUM tune 2008: Jill Scott “Hate on me”


A great version & refixx done by none other than our very own Dan. Came up with this remix of Jill Scotts latest release and laced it with Alchemist & prodigys beat of “Keep it thoro”.

If you can guess the sample thats incorporated in the Alchemist beat you are good and a true digger. its not even stated on the record as sample source.
the very first YUM YUM version of the year. YUM YUM top tunes for January coming this Thursday.
Dan: “Hate on me”(Zshare – 256kbit)

ps. all Jill Scott versions will be posted on Friday.

“One fine morning” – YUM YUM Version

080406-p3.jpgOne fine morning” YUM YUM Version :
Just a tune i did recently: It is a song that i like to put on when i get up or before i leave the house. That’s why i called it “One fine morning” – that kind of vibe in a song sings of a beautiful tomorrow – a new morning in another world. It reminds me of waking up at my fathers house at the seaside, where i was born, with the sun shining on your belly. Those were the days…
The song smoothes me out but not in a narcotizing way – it rather amps me up with calmness (if that is possible). I love her (MJB) vocals on top of a straight production with the sample saying: northern soul, rocksteady, ska, original soulful music. i guess the soul in it makes me like that piece and put it on repeat in my itunes/winamp… whatever. If you are into these kind of tunes i guess you will have the same kind of appreciation and usage for this song as i do. Its also perfect for any dancefloor. Here is a good quality 256kb version. Ps – I like to play it loud and you are definitely gonna hear it at this Fridays YUM YUM Bday

Alicia Keys & Nas “Falling For You” YUM YUM Version

m197707600001.jpgFalling For You (YUM YUM Version)“. Had to throw this together. A nice version of a couple of good old tracks and that new Alicia Keys tune “No One”. With tons of remixes circulating a more floor friendly was missing… And instead of playing the old retro hiphop i rather like to incorporate it into new tracks and play them through the new mixes. “Falling For You” consists of one of my fave drumbreaks, replayed by Schu on his MPC, some 3 years ago for our old Live Band “the Beat Brothers”, which was some kind of a Live Mashup Band. This very break was first originally used by Slick Rick on “Mona Lisa” in 1988 and later on used for the Method Man/ Mary J Blige “You’re all i need” Remix in 1995. Both these tracks were killer tunes in their own time. On top goes an absolutely classic acapella that is very rare: Nas’ “The World is Yours”, one of the stand out tracks from his omni-influential album “Illmatic” in 1994. ***Enjoy this YUM YUM version of the new Alicia Keys track and make sure to play it out loud.

Al Green “Gotta find a new World” YUM YUM Edit

247995-312490.jpgGotta find a new World(YUM YUM edit)” – Check out our Edit of Al Greens classic, which incorporates the drums from Amy Winehouse favourite “I am no good” as produced by Mark Ronson. Also a little Wu-Tang (Method Man) vocal is dropped in the middle of the edit, primarily because this Al Green song gained popularity in the mid 90ies when it was sampled by the RZA and used as the sole sample source for Ghostface Killah’s “Iron Maidenâ€? track from his debut album. Ps. True story: I used to play this song, for years until the vinyl – Shaolin Soul vol 1- actually broke one night when i was out playing. Somebody dropped it on the floor and stood on it for quite some time. Then it took me 2 years to find another vinyl copy, and after i finally did i had to go for a 180gr pressing which is just not suitable for playing. Played it anyway and i think an edit/version of this song was long overdue. So here it is – make sure to play it out loud.