Aaaargh, Jedis!!!


As George Lucas throws his third installment of the once-epic Star Wars in our faces and geeks all over the world flock to the Multiplexes, “Episode III – Revenge of the Sithâ€? leaves us pondering some important questions.
One of them may be why on earth does half of the movie consist of scenes of starships landing and starting? That this may be the cause for serious boners for several sub-species of Star Wars fans is plausible, for the general audience it’s exactly as rewarding as most of the dialogue – not at all.
Nevertheless, let’s stop bashing Star Wars, as it seems quite en vogue these days. We’d rather like to present you a rare scene from the cutting room floor, that shows us what Darth Vader does between Episode III and IV. Now we at least know what makes Sith Lords so impressively evil: complete disregard of one’s self-image.