Character: free music (nothing new, just true)


Main Flow “Understand”. Great Hip Hop tune, from Main Flow, a name i only remember from the dark ages of record stores, lol. I really dig this soulful little gem they have dropped not too long ago. Seems that they/he (?) have understood the times as well since they offer their new album as a free download (dwnld  Return Of The Castle right here) and also started giving away their music for free, just like everyone else that has caught on these days. Its actually 4-5 years late to start doing that now, and it should be common sense if you are an underground act and want to get noticed, but it seems to be still surprising to people, when they talk about free music and (for example) kanye west and how he is releasing a new free song every friday. well, me think, it should be normal. I am all up for selling music and giving it away for free at the same time, what this causes, is actually a psychological factor. You will only get people to buy your music that really want to buy your music, and maybe only one song that they like from that artist instead of the whole album, not like it used to be in the 90ies, when people were more or less forced to buy full cds and its was a huge business with a structurized ponzi scheme behind it. After all it should be considered art first, and when you take it as such and consider that technology fundamentally changed the way younger (and older) generations listen to music it simply defies any logic that you want to sell them outdated and actually useless crap (cds). Its reminiscent of the auto industry and everything else that simply didnt stand the test of time. A fight for survival for these industries, and industries do not equal people. It might equal jobs at a certain point, but when a job becomes useless like a carriage driver, well you have either to become a cab driver or do something else. So that argument is not valid on so many levels. And hierarchical structures like any industry has, always fight for the survival of the pyramids top first. So what it really is is a struggle to keep the money going into the already fat pockets of the big executives and not saving jobs. The human plead is always undertaken by the most dis-humane of all (a quote i think from Gandhi or Mother Theresa, keep that one in mind in every argument). A dishonest argument always leads to more mistrust. So how can you trust someone who is manipulatively screwing with you? You can’t – and its against every logical idea planted in man to do so. And one more point before i let you hear the song: How do you explain a 10 y old to pay for a song when he is listening to it on his cell phone and it came out of thin air?

It simply doesn’t make any sense.

Enjoy the tune.  Main Flow “Understand”


another free tune: Kanye West ft Common, Charlie Wilson, Kid Cudi “Good Friday”


Ps when you want to sell music, do it via a cool service like bandcamp and not itunes.