character: Last Saturdays Dj gig was YUM YUM and it was live!! Pls read!


When u pull a lot of people, and YUM YUM or chromemusic does that, you will always have people who will try to make a quick buck with you. What you do is you compromise your integrity, for the sake of someone taking additional work off your hands. But most of the times that work is done or provided with so much diletantism. When folks, and we are talking nightlife people here, do too many things and do not have a clear communication – things will never work out right. You will compromise and people will only see you or in this case YUM YUM being responsible for it, while we are actually only the guys providing the music and setting the dance and making this thing work in the first place!

So this is no apology, but a hooray for last Saturdays party at Praterinsel in Munich!! In my opinion the best thing i have been to or played at in at least 2-3 years. The vibe was all there. Our crew made lively, beautiful decorations, had an amazing light going, we set a great vibe, left enough room for everyone to dance, assembled an awesome bar crew, had a great bar running, had a great outdoor area with a proper bbq and countless lovely, smiley-faced people showed up. We even managed to have great accoustics in a beautiful building that otherwise sounds like a cathedral. It was all there. A proper and massive dance we all call YUM YUM.

This was a dance just like YUM YUMs supposed to be! I am really proud of that bc this was the first time we did it all by ourselves! No partnerships, like in the last 2 years. We were making too many compromises while all we had to do, was do our own thing instead of teaming up with anyone! Not saying we shouldnt team up with anyone, we should when there is a neccessity. But this was just us and it was wonderful!!1

So many beautiful people turned up and although it was completely packed, there was enough room for everyone to get his (or in our case) her dance on. What an amazing night – what a massive dance with so many positive folks doing their thing, but there is still room for improvement and that makes me smile, bc i am happy to be playing the YUM YUM sound in such an environment, surrounded by great folks and with such a vibe and to know we can still do far, far better!!!. And on a different personal note: I was able to play the way i want to to without having to compromise to some shitty soundsystem or play entrely big room material, or people get mad at us for lack of toilets or a crappy wardrobe  or..or..or.. (the list of crap compromises i had to take as a dj was long for the past 2 years). When i am free to do my thing, i know i can deliver the goods. It almost felt like i forgot the taste of freedom.. hahahaha… just kidding, but what an uplifting moment! I am loving every minute of it.

When i stopped the (djwise) a bit too girlish sounding foreplay and kicked it off, the atmosphere was that of a festival or a great live show! With people singing and jumping silly EVERYWHERE, it was live!!! Thats why we are doing YUM YUM! Thank you all for being who you are and for making it mine! We will raise the flag even more, next time.. in a few weeks.

PS. The next YUM YUM in Munich will be in the next few weeks on June 3rd – i will let u know his week!

YUM YUM – growing and glowing. Ps enjoy our latest mixtape, its not called “Sunshine Inside” for nothing ;)

****my personal favourite tune of the night:


After All This Time – The Beautiful Girls