first YUM YUM TeamUp this Friday & 2 new YUM YUM Mixtapes


YY-Vol.6-Ansicht.jpgOur very first YUM YUM TeamUp is coming around this Friday night, Sept 21st. Its obviously called YUM YUM TeamUp for we are gonna be inviting befriended crews and djs to these nights to play their sound next to ours and jam with us and not try to adopt our sound. Lets see how that works. Anyway – there are 2 new YUM YUM mixtapes coming your way: YUM YUM Vol 5 – the missing tape – that was due last spring and YUM YUM Vol 6 that is made for this fall and brandnew with tracks unplayed to the crowd before. Both these tapes will be available Monday September 24th and will be handed out at our party and in our associated shops. More infos next Monday. But before any of that happens i´ll see you this Friday Sept 21st @ Registratur where we are gonna be wilding out to these new tunes., more new music and plenty of premiering material. So give us some support and make this first YUM YUM TeamUp happen. See you this Friday.