Baauer you don’t even know what you started, but its sure to catapult you to superstar famedom :) .We just all love doing the Harlem Shake. Is it dead yet? A valid question for any meme but we dance to every trap tune like that, so why should it.  A few simple rules via /r

Here’s a little list I’ve compiled from all the recent Harlem Shake videos.

  1. The original dancer must be wearing a mask of some sorts.
  2. NOBODY can be laughing or smiling when only one person is dancing.
  3. When everyone starts dancing, there must be someone convulsing or having a seizure.
  4. Go batshit crazy
  5. Don’t make lousy transtitions that don’t match the music
  6. Be at least a little unique.

Father and son edition

All other clips after the jump…

the entire office

Firefighter edition

even your grans

clever community clip

canadians do it better

known to prevent wars

frat boys doing it right

horse mask, when memes collide

yep, thats what i came here for

what i actually meant is that EVERYBODY’s doing it

aaaand of course the Peanuts are doing it, these damn little rascals

too bad the white house refused the petition for the Harlem Shake in the Oval Office