1st official Top Friend Party with Top Billin in Munich


tb-sexytime-cover.jpgFinally we have an official date with Top Friend in Munich, Friday October 10th @ Registratur. After having started the same titled blog – topfriendmusic.com -, not too long ago with fellow brethren Schowi, Hannibal, Norbert Schiegl, Schu, Ben Mono & Dj Beware – dedicated more to the tech side of music and still waiting for a proper design to finally launch the blog – things are heating up and we are having our first official night before the websites halfway finished. Check our Top Friend Party on myspace at least.

The past couple of months we have tried to bring across the Top Friend name by having it (the party) play next door to YUM YUM, actually in the 2nd and smaller area. People started liking & recognizing it – telling from the continous whistles and yelling (and i am talking pre Oktoberfest). tb_vs_nj.jpgBut this time its official, and you are gonna have the entire club & night dedicated to the Top Friend side of music. I am talking Crookers, Mstrkrft, Tepr, Santogold, Mad Descent Stuff, Top Billin and so forth. Speaking of Top Billin – they are gonna be our Special Guestst that night. If you haven’t picked up any of their material so far – do that. These guys are a definitive party. Have been playing their sound for some time and a lot of you people that now YUM YUM will hear similarities in the sound, but leaning more towards the 4/4 and techy side of things with a zeitgeisty bmore attitude – you know wobbly basslines, crunchy breaks and that occasional “Whuut”packed in huge chunks of niceness. All those little things combined that make it hard for your hands to come down. Damn i wrote “zeitgeisty”…
Here is a couple of Top Billing Tracks that i like – ps (in lower quality – so go get it here or digital right here)

1. “Willing” –  2. “Yeah!” – 3. “My Way
We don’t have artwork for it yet cause somebody must be sleeping. Watch me take control…

!!! More Top Billin next Monday.