2 Parties to go to this week (Award Tour on Wednesday & YUM YUM on Friday)


Award Tour-www.jpgWell seems like a packed week with the MTV Awards in munich and an approaching holiday on Thursday.

First we’ll kick it off with our nice one-off party entitled “Award Tour” on Wednesday night, october 31st, at the Registratur which is a team-up of Live DEMO/ YUM YUM and has Chrome/ San Gabriel/ Mirko Machine/ Kurtis Blow live & the Beathovenz playing that night and even many more (but that is supposed to be a surprise). And i am not allowed to drop the Special Guests. Well anyhow… it’s the MTV week and everyone’s going apeshit over this. Let us make it a great party first and we’ll see from there. Well everyone got their heads so high in the sky – somebody has got to do the groundwork. And you you know who that is gonna be. After that “YOU ARE DISMISSED”…

Bild 1(2)1.png

…until Friday night, November 2nd when we have our very first YUM YUM in November @ Registratur, which will see the return of founding member Jaws, who was tourig Europe up and down for the past months with his band, the Poets of Rhythm.

So the Dj duties are up to Chrome & Jaws and on Friday you will have a new Top Tune selection posted on this very site, while at night we will be handing out the new YUM YUM Mixtapes Vol. 6 & 5.

And an extra surprise is gonna be included in this weeks YUM YUM Newsletter – think music. So stay tuned and catch you on either one of these nights or maybe even on both. Heavy week with 2 neat & nice nights coming up.