A new YUM YUM – this Friday in Munich & Saturday in NRW


surfguideboy(2).jpgWell its upon the hour for a new and massive YUM YUM this Friday May 18th in Munich and on Saturday May 19th in Nrw. Fridays musical choices & selections will be made by Chrome & Williams & introducing Max Mausser. The second area will be run by Ben Mono & Company, who is still promoting his new and versatile album. Enjoy the plenty new posts below – some funny, some arty and some about music. I saved the best ones of this week for today. Still a few YUM YUM nights to go before the Registartur closes in a couple of weeks. Here is another link to this nights Flyer and Poster and a reminder to check out new music that we have posted as well as this months and all our Top Tune selections.
And finally Saturday Night at Hundertmeister should be no different with Tand & Max travelling North to give you the latest and best in this new stuff and the YUM YUM sound that is taking new shapes and is assimilating url(2).jpgmore and more new styles and soundscapes, as you can see in our recent music posts. Anyhow will be a massive night even after todays holiday and make sure to be on the lookout for the new photo comic books arriving on Monday. So stay tuned, make sure to be there tomorrow bring a smile and sone sunshien to the place and bathe in plenty of new and exclusive stuff that we havent even posted yet. Gonna be a warm and summery night with all the feelgood music that your sou is craving for. Looking forward to it – see you in a minute.