chromemusic Birthday review


Last weekends chromemusic bday party was really, really nice and it was great to see all and everybody again, and i am still amazed that almost everyone contributed a new mixtape (8 in total, + counting my new YUM YUM mixtape, act even 9!). really did like that a lot and i guess we are gonna repeat that mixtape campaign and that very same party pretty soon. i was too drunk, too soon …again. felt like lights out by 1 am, but HONESTLY thx for all the cake and all the bday wishes and all the friendly, lovely faces that showed up, and once again i am a bit sorry but we had to close the doors at 2am for a good 2 hours. the place simply isnt as big as the regular YUM YUM venues. I kinda liked it there, so before we get our own club going in the next months or so, this is definitely a spot i’ll hit up once more – namely december 3rd. see you all in a few weeks for another lovely midnight dance

i dont know why th pics turned out so reddish, but its all we have :) heres the full birthday album

PS 1 – thats pretty much the first party in a long time without a proper facebook campaign, i invited about 30 people, the rest happened by itself. i like that, cause i dont want to use facebook no more to invite people. simply sucks and its annoying as hell. it works very well without these millions of facebook invites. i’ll stick to it.

PS 2 – YUM YUM Munich is going to continue from next year on a regular basis, PS in the middle of the city! took us some time to figure out how and where, but its settled now and that works! YOu are gonna like it, we all agreed on it! No spoilers yet!

PS 3 . thank you all for being who you are, the beautiful people i came to know – see – and value , thank you all! We are all one!

last & final ps the FREE BEER for FREE BEAR campaign was a thorough success. this pics the proof :)