Dick Cheney was in Munich!


8518151130_849703.jpgFinally a good explanation why the vibe last Friday wasnt all that. It allready started out as a somewhat strange day . As soon as i got up the milk turned sour, the cows were sweating. And there was a decent smell of carnage and mischief in the air. Now we know why:
Dick Cheney was in Munich! As soon as the Lord of Darkness touched down on this soil all animal life started fleeing the woods, dead plants were plastering his way, the laughter of children was nowhere to be heard and an inner instinct of fear was driving people crazy on the inside.
Even the Lunar eclipse is now easy to explain. Oh Lord, lets hope not for the beast to walk among us any time soon.

I was proud that even though the lights and the soundsystem was messed up – people were still able to have a good time – but Cheneys presence was felt in the force. The Dark Lord of the Sith left a bad aftertase in out mouths.

Next YUM YUM, March 16th – @ Registratur on a guaranteed Cheney free day. (Thou shallt not fear the beast)