Grandmaster Flash @ the Garden (with Wax Wreckaz/YUM YUM Austria)


-1.jpgYes the Grandmaster is playing in town, so Grandmaster Flash on Saturday October 18th at the Garden. Not much needs to be said about him and you know what you are in for. So keep it real to the Max.

We will put a little effort behind it to make it the big night it was the last time he played in munich – but this one is gonna go down anyway. Alongside him will be the Wax Wreckaz crew, who are now officially running YUM YUM in Innsbruck, during the winter season and good buddy Dan Gerous, a mashup/hiphop style specialist who is the resident Dj of Rewind at Atomic Cafe.

A couple of YUM YUM versions of Grandmaster Flashs “Message” to keep the memory alive and warm while hiphops body is slowly rotting away. (ps music is constantly changing – just like life is – so the only acceptance there can be is total acceptance of constant change, which is acceptance of everything). And if you are sorry that the good old hiphop days are over, you are either a kid daydreamig about a time that was way different then your imagingantion is telling you, or you are a bitter old guy who is only (in translation) sad and bitter that he himself is getting older. So which one are you?
Anyway this is gonna be a great night for those who like to throw their hands up like they don’t care .. or was it hats? – damn i am getting old.

A whole bunch of Message Rmxes for your listening pleasure:
“The Messageâ€? YUM YUM Party Break

“The Messageâ€? Paul Nice Bootleg Mash

“The Message” (Bird Petersons Junkyard Mix)

“The Message” Grandmaster Flash vs INXS

“No Diggity vs the Message” Blackstreet vs Grandmaster Flash