introducing: SHAOLIN SOUL


the music

Shaolin Soul is dedicated to all the soulful music thats out there, that has been out there and stuff thats on the rise. Of cours its inspired by the Wu-Tang inspired 90ies compilations. Whether its all those many retro soul edits that are out there at present – a quick selection, all the modern day soul like jamie lidell, maverick sabre, ben l’oncle soul or mayer hawthorne, all that new age soul & beatmaking like electric wire hustle or anything Dilla infused, speaking of Dilla all that soulful hip hop out there, new and old, as well as all that erykah badu, angie stone neo soul, all those many reworks, edits and remixes that are out there.

The words used to describe music always sounds foolish and the words might be many but the sensation is one :)

Really hard to put into words – so i think Markis Mixtape called – “Love & Happines” is really a good signpost.


love & happiness mixed by marki

the Djs

5 friends of mine – instead of the 5 deadly venoms they are more like the  5 lovely fellas. what unites them is the humour.

Marki – who is so not night life and a good soul on his path. this is his music. he is somehow, although the youngest of the 5, the moral compass of the lot.

Jaws – my former dj partner, with whom i actually played in the very, very first liga. here is whi he is. musically, this man is so underrated, he pretty much started everything… no seriously, read yourself.

Wunder or really holunder is of course a part of blumentopf, like many of my friends are, but he is quite special. i reckon him to be really, really good dj, without playing the average bla-bla. he has a great taste in music and that comes across every single time.

Taran – a good youngster dj, who fits right in. mentally & spiritually. his first stepping stone on a long way, that has just started. watch out for him.

Reineke – a friend of mine whom i often consider to be little brother besides my little brother. He runs the beautiful bklyn blog and like all our stuff, this all happened naturally and grew like a flower, instead of underlying a hype. He is there, cause its his music, but n the long run, we are aiming for a Bklyn Night or an opener. Good Life

Here is a variant poster for this month, hope you like the looks & sounds of it all

more to come

in the long run, we have no plans hahaha, no but seriously (not possible), starting in february we are gonna open up fridays, real early, like around 8pm not at 11, as usual. there is supposed to be a proper bar with even more drinks between 8-11, with a proper dj, and this is where for example the bklyn blog comes in. of course a free entry but djs with a mission, so that the older folks can get their dance on before 1am. and then at 11 or 12 the regular djs would step in and take over, so yo would have someone play from 8-11/12 and then someone from 11/12 til the early hours. the reasons for this might be many, but my primary reason is that i like to go out early and meet people, hear good music and get my groove on – and i absolutely despise having to wait for a club to pack up and for the dj to play his best tunes, real late at night. i want to have the option to go to a place and leave early and still get my groove on in a proper atmosphere.