Jazzy Jeff review or “I guess i am just tired of Hip Hop”


-1(2)(2).jpgJazzy Jeff – last night. the man did his thing which was very exquisitely cutting up famous hiphop classics. After a while it kinda felt wrong though, but he nonetheless pulled of a show – i mean big time – but musically (not technically) i felt like at any other hiphop show and after a while it was so yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo – unbearable. i was just tired of hearing the same old records being cut up back and forth while an mc was (“Uh-ha – Lets go”) on top of it.
Dont get me wrong, it was a pure & good hiphop show, that i have seen so many times before – and this guy is definitely one of the best djs out there – cant knock that. while we came to expect something different. I have heard so much about Jazzy Jeffs versatility – but musically i didnt see or hear any – just your average hip hop classics. I was waiting for him to play some 80ies tracks, funk tunes, breaks and basically all kinds of styles. Hell – i was just expecting more or lets put it this way – something completely different.

Ps. I am not gonna participate in your average HipHop shows. That is not our style and never has been. I guess i am just tired of hip hop.