Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse cover “Valerie”


102082(2).jpgI personally think there has been too much Amy Winehouse floating around lately and somehow i have heard her voice a bit too often and i sure cant listen to the album no more. But then there suddenly is a new collab with fellow brit Mark Ronson – on his solo release and all of a sudden the focus is back on. With their interpretation of “Valerie” they have made one of my favourite tracks this year so far. Enjoy and get the Mark Ronson album with the unstoppable track “Stop me” – linked to this before and probably will again. The Album “Version” has been out for a couple of weeks now, but it still doesnt get the attention it deserves. Support this guy and his groundbreaking record. Crossing the borders of the tristate Rock or Indie, Hip hop and sweet Soul music.

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