new blog :



Me and a couple of friends (Ben Mono, Schu, Hannibal, Schowi, Passion, Norbert Schiegl, Raph,  and some more) are just starting out a new blog called It is supposed to be an all national blog – run in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt at the same time – same as the according parties. It is already online – just lacking all the necceassry design and stuff. But we are getting there step by step. Thats why i have been to Berlin last week (among other things) and we did this little nerdy computer club meeting during the daytime to lift everybody on the same tech level – and this is what we did at night – the two on the left are drunk out of their minds.

Friday night we had the Topfriend party kick off with Santogold performing live. It was a smooth opener with 1000+ guests and we are gonna have the same thing in munich soon enough. A full on report on the first party with pictures and everything else will be online on