New YUM YUM coming this Friday and on Saturday in NRW


peanutsbeach.jpgthe second YUM YUM in October is approaching this Friday, October20th as well as the October YUM YUM in NRW on the following day, and so far it has been a great month. Seeing the end of the Oktoberfest that had the entire clubscene in sleeepy la-la-land for a full three weeks and that had everybody sporting clowny outfits. Also this month we have seen a great 1st october YUM YUM, an outstanding performance bycoconuttree.jpg the Cuban Brothers, last Friday. Our new YUM YUM Top Tune selection that people are really going mental for. Seen enough reactions so far. Also this month sees the release of our new mixtape: YUM YUM Fall/Winter 2006. New goodies, News, & Toons are coming by tomorrow, so stay tuned and drop in this Friday October 20th when Chrome, Roots Rockers play their latest offerings, remixes & versions and the Crew Lock members celebrate their 1st record release next door. And on Saturday when Max & Tand heat up the situation in NRW. 2 monster YUM YUM coming this weekend. Looking forward to it and more news within this week.