yumyum flyer okt 1.jpgYep a new one – this time its not gonna be as chaotic as last time when we had 50 djs down there – still was a nice party with a vivid vibe to an otherwise Oktober(in)fest’ed crowd. Thats 5 points for wordplay. This Friday its gonna be Chrome & Schu & Max behind the decks, bringing you the latest in YUM YUM sound. We are gonna see how we are gonna split up team to have the 2nd area covered. I am looking forward to playing some proper sets after having stepped away from the tables the last time.

New YUM YUM top tune selection is coming this Wednesday. Actually its already finished, we just need to cut it down a bit. Expect the YUM YUM version of Wonderwall along with the top tunes. Cant go ahead and offer you 20 tracks each month. I wanna rather have 5 impeccable ones. More on this Friday also on Wednesday.
Also!!!! The new remix competition will also begin this Wednesday, we havent made up our minds which of the many newly surfaced acapellas to take first.
Other YUM YUM dates this week:
– On Thursday its going down @ Solayanka in Moscow with Pascha & Gatek

– Friday Not:Fx is playing at YUM YUM in Karlsruhe

– Saturday we are having our first Top Friend Party in Moscow

Ps check all dates this month