New YUM YUM this Friday @ Registratur + YUM YUM Radio News



Yes and what a massive one its going to be. The main floor will be run by vets with an attitude: Chrome & Tand Williams bringing you the latest and maddest in YUM YUM sound (and have a singing fest like last time, when i kinda felt like in an english football stadium), while the second area will be a TopFriend Floor. With Norbert Schiegl & Not:Fx running things, so you know what to expect – the latest in topfriendmusic. I hope you are all in for a goody because this one’s gonna be huge.

New YUM YUM Top Tunes Selection for August is coming this Friday. So long you will have to enjoy all the other new music found below.

Also, YUM YUM Radio is being updated right now as i speak and the sometimes occurring ‘Mickey Mouse Effect’ that has been reported to me is taken care of. It was one of those nerdy technical details that i don’t want to bore you with. So if you tune in sometime in the afternoon you will have all the previous material plus plenty of new tracks playing. (like any other webradio which doesnt broadcast on crappy 64kbit or less – it sometimes might stop due to your low bandwidth, so all you have to to is restart the link on your itunes, winamp.. whatever)