new YUM YUM this Friday & Saturday – bringing you summer vibes


Bild 32.pngA new YUM YUM this Friday & Saturday, on October 17th in Munich and on Saturday in Duisburg on Oct 18th. YUM YUM in munich will be run by Chrome, Not:Fx, Max (who is really getting better and better – way to go) and Schlachthof Bronx fellas in area 2 alongside one of the aforementioned dudes. If you came down the last time you know what you are in for. Was a blast last Friday on October 3rd. You know the kind of feeling that is really uplifiting and makes you all euphoric the next day and carries on for some time. Saturdays dj duties will be left to Tand and Schowi in Duisburgs 100meister. You should be in for a treat with these two who know their trade. Ps plenty new music below..
Don’t forget Saturdays in munich Grandmaster Flash is playing alongside the Wax Wreckaz, who run YUM YUM in Austria – with Dj Beware. Will be heavy..