new YUM YUM this Friday @ Registratur


Bild 21.pngWe are looking for a new night this Friday, when we (Schu, Chrome & Not-Fx and hopefully a topfriend area with Schiegl & Raph) come down for a new YUM YUM night at Registratur.

I have to remind you this Friday is of course the 18th, not the 17th, because our flyers say it all wrong, but mistakes happen and i am telling you now. Last night with Chrome & Schowi was a nice appetizer and we will be back to top things off this Friday. Back to the niceness of YUM YUM – check Julys Top Tune selection (although the weather feels more like fall) and expect the full American Rock Boy version by tomorrow online as well as a new YUM YUM comics being online next week.
Also here is YUM YUM Vol 8 as a free download. I have been asked about this quite often and here it is, since almost all of the real CD copies are gone by now. Here you go. Check it out, listen to it or simply download it here.

See you for the latest YUM YUM dance this friday.