new YUM YUM this weekend, Friday 22nd @ Registratur


YY-Aug2-vorne.jpgJust a quick reminder to check this months YUM YUM top tunes that were extra late, due to my accident. Which left me looking like this, while i was hoping to end up looking a little more like this. But now i am back on track and ready for another chapter of YUM YUM extravaganza. This Fridays Dj crew consists of Schu, Tand Williams, Max Mausser, who were responsible for YUM YUM vol.8. More infos on area 2 will be available on Wednesday. more music and infos are found below. Last weeks Radio Update, will be old news by tonight (over 40 new tunes) and plenty more music coming Wednesday. See you back on this site on Wednedsday and of course Friday will be a huge dance at this months YUM YUM, seems to be the last days of summer. Lets hope not, this makes living bearable in cold Europe – so see ya Friday.