new YUM YUM tomorrow Friday February 2nd


84563108_564045.jpgThe very first YUM YUM in February is taking place this Friday night, February 2nd at die Registratur, with Djs Chrome & Marek, as well as Raph & Motive in area 2. Should be a stormer with the new YUM YUM selection on its way and posted by tomorrow. So long the 2nd YUM YUM selection of January will have to suffice. As you can see the site is undergoing some changes which should be completed in the following week. Just go through the menu to see what is waiting is still lurking below, waiting to meet the daylight. Anyway this Friday will be a blast with tons of new tunes and versions for 2007 as well some great new visuals. The party pictures will be 84563108_551692.jpgfound on sunday as comic books in the comic book section (and as a regular post). So long enjoy, come back tommorow to check this months selction and we are looking forward to a massive night – right ahead of us.