New YUM YUM Top Tune Selection for September


youngmike.jpgYUM YUM Top Tunes selection for September – (Enjoy):
Plenty of new Tunes rolling this way, with a neat surprise coming in mid September along the new YUM YUM Cds, which is going to be packed with exclusives and introuvables. While Summer retreated the YUM YUM Sound is pioneering the rays of the warm sunshine and bring it directly to you with our latest offerings for September: This Friday in full volume we will bring you our latest gems and versions. Enjoy.

laurynsoul.jpg 1. “Cocaine & Cheeba” (YUM YUM Version)
Method Man & Redman vs Eric Clapton
2. “Rock with your Love” (YUM YUM Version)
Pharrell & Kanye West vs the young & “black” Michael Jackson
3. Doo Wop & Smiles (YUM YUM Version by NotFx)”
Lilly Allen vs Lauryn Hill ”
4. I love my hottest B**** (YUM YUM Vers by Tand Williams)
kelisswaterheart.jpg Busta & Kelis vs the Beatconductor
5. “Stand by every breath “Ben E. King vs The Police
(only available as Videostream)
6. “Crazy As She Goes
Raconteurs vs Gnarls Barkley & Grandmaster Flash
7. “PJ & Rooster” by Outkast (Andre 3000)
8. “Shooter” by Lil Wayne
9. “I love my B**** (reggae Remix)
Busta Rhymes & Kelis – editd by some good friends of ours
10. “Me & U” by Cassie – a wicked little headnodder of a beat
Ps a neat and lovely YUM YUM classic: the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby
reggae rmx (only available as Videostream)
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