nice to know that Style and the family tunes is still out there


i used to read this mag all the time back in the day. now they are renamed to the stylemag and they had a lil some on our upcoming mini-tour for YUM YUM. This is a link to that very article.

Tackling it from a critical rationalists point of view i wouldn’t even consider renaming something abstract-labeled like YUM YUM into another linearly translated and meaning-bound descriptive prosumerist word like Mjam Mjam.— ps. just messing with yall. thx for the note fellas.

their original name derrives of course from sly stone and i had to think about him every time i picked up their mag in the mid-nineties. glad to see they made it into this “series of tubes” in one piece. here is to style and sly…


sly_and_the_family_stone- “que_sera, sera_- whatever_will be, will_be”