NYPD Intelligence Op targets Dot-Matrix Graffiti Bike


kinberg0.jpgNYPD Intelligence Op targets Dot-Matrix Graffiti Bike via Wired.com. This bike is an internet connected (to the inventors anti-bush website) sidewalk spraying graffiti bike, that gained fame during the 2004 Republican National Congress, which was held in NYC, much to the disapproval of the vast majority of New Yorkers. They suffered from 9/11 and they voted 84% for Kerry and against the war. This congress was a slap in the face…
This protest bike is now being targeted by the NYPD. A great idea that has been on the police’ wishlist for some time, even though it does only spary in chalk, thus not creating any property damage, but rather a way of expressing freedom of speech, which is already being cosidered an attack to these small minded conservatives that took over the country and have rapidly been changing the rules of a free country.