Obama 08!


84568251_553646.jpgBarack Obama is certainly a web 2.0 candidate with his social networking website (!).
You can register, create your own profile, network with friends, write your own blog, and connect (meaning: organize & scheme) with more online supporters.
How web 2.0 of him. using the digital divide and the new media, which is not only thanks to the blogoshere, hard to manipulate as even Rupert Murdoch had to agree.
But the true candidate should be Gov. Bill Richardson according to this article. read his story via rolling stone.
…personally i dont care if the devil wears a black or a red cape, but i truly believe that obama and hillary both lack the experience, and are both more opportunists than true democrats, but hey – what can go wrong after George WTF Bush? Its not like either one of them is gonna put stains on the already disolved reputation of the US nation.
Putin said it best, when addressing the muscle that the US (as the only remianing superpower) is flexing – be it environmental, economical or simply in terms of war.