Our very last YUM YUM tomorrow night


We will be having our very last YUM YUM night tomorrow night, Friday June 22nd!
vacance.JPG After that we will be on a well deserved Summer break, while the Registratur gets completely renewed and reworked. And i am not talking only new stuff & new paint. I mean a great new vibe and good Karma! We will be back in the brand new Registratur at the end of August or latest in September. Keep checking back with me on this site and you will stay informed, still get our monthly Top Tunes selection and daily (!!!) new posts during our 2 month summerbreak. (Top Tune selection for June)

Palm-Trees-on-Island-Beach-Panama-Photographic-Print-C12081252.jpgTO TELL YOU THE TRUTH: Even though everybody was saying something different and rumors were spreading. We didn´t know until one week ago that the Registratur would continue for maybe another year and we are the ones to know first, but it was a legal matter so no one could tell for sure.

BUT we were ready to call it quits, in case we had to move. Some call this a strange behaviour but that´s just how i am. I do not like to give in to artistic compromises.
ALSO – IN THE FUTURE: YUM YUM will be what it always was a bi-weekly thing, not some weekly nonsense – this is way too exhausting for me and we don´t have enough djs playing that kind of sound to kill each and every week – and i don´t have enough time to come up with new MixCds and plenty of new Versions.


  • For all of our YUM YUM people, friends and family we are having our YUM YUM Summer party on Saturday August 4th, in the middle of our break.
  • More on that next Monday when you come back to check the final YUM YUMs Comic next Monday – will be a pretty long one. PS(YUM YUM Photo Comic Book of Friday June 15th).
  • New Cds, Tapes, Shirts, Gadgets will all be conceived and finished in the Summer when we finally have some more time.

So enjoy yourselves and and see you tomorrow. Thank you for making mine YUM YUM.