Hi everyone, i was knocked out for a full 2 weeks now after my accident. So apologies for not posting (that miuch). First off – the YUM YUM top tunes for August are finally out here.Here is some YUM YUM related info that is way too late but still needs to get out to you:

41532389.jpg1. Our very next regular YUM YUM in August is gonna be on the 22nd of August instead of this Friday.

2. But fear not – a YUM YUM set will be played at this weeks Rewind Party at Atomic Cafe with Djs Schu, San Gabriel (Live Demo, Hip Hop Dont Stop & close buddy from Berlin) & Messi.

3. This Friday the Registratur is having its anniversary weekend and the program will be a bit different. The main floor will be Questlove from the Roots crew who is gonna play some serious Hiphop & Soul music as he always does, while area 2 is gonna be a TopFriend floor with dj duties up to Schu & Norbert Schiegl and my good buddy Creathief.

4. YUM YUM in NRW is on its way. This Saturday get ready for another round of applause @ HundertMeister as Tand Williams & Not:fx get down for some serious buisness behind the decks.  You know what to expect when these two get down.