Raphael Saadiq – 2 new tracks



MY favourite soul singer (apart from J Legend) and former Toni Toni Toni frontman Raphael Saadiq is coming out with a new album in september. It is supposed to be all live recorded in the vein of classic 60ies Soul artists. Two new tracks that are computing through the internets are proof enough that it will be another classy album by Mr Saadiq. (I also posted one of his older tunes, which is one of my all time favourite soul tunes)

  1. Love that girl” (2008)
  2. 100 yard dash” (2008)
  3. Sky, can you feel me?” (2003) – amazing track that still gives me the goose bumps (although this track has seen 3 girlfriends and god knows what else, it still represents me more than anything else)