Rewind pics (Aug 14th) & new Rewind this Thursday (aug 28th) with Schu & Jaws



San Gabriel, Schu and Messi killed it that night at the Atomic Cafe. Wasnt there myself but it was a full on all classic Hip Hop night with loads of related music. Here are some party pics.

the next Rewind night is gonna be on the 28th of August – meaning this Thursday at Atomic CafeDjs Schu &  Jaws – our YUM YUM allstars putting down some classics – touching HipHop, Soul, Reggae, Funk, Old School & all kinds of related tunes. No holds barred. So make sure to be there..

if you are looking for a god dance this Thursday – this should be it.

Bild 27.png
Next Rewind night: Thursday August 28th./ Rewind blog