Well, i ll be playing at Rewind for once with Max.

Should be fun. Last time i was there it turned out to be a neat little party with Jaws and Max on the tables and about 200 peoples coming down.

Plus the vibe was awesome and i think ” a tree is growing – cant you see what i see… a ripe new fruit to boot…” – nice soulful vibe and about everybody was on the floor shakin some P.P.s..
Lets see where we will take you this time but anyway – I ll do my best to get you back to the times of before but do it in the Now. You might say: “Whatever dude, you are on some chemical §$&” SoMaybe but still, see you there. Djs Chrome, Max & Dan.

and i really hope there is not gonna be any kind of rain, like last Friday where we all almost drownded. but we have all seen the Al Gore movie and we know its coming..

so: Rewind tomorrow @ Atomic Cafe, taking you back to the days when global warming was a word in a Sci Fi book and the i-pod was so big you had to wear it on your shoulder.
ps check their blog – ps 2 – my names not on the flyer guys… aaah, never mind..