Rewind this week @ Atomic Cafe with Schu, San Gabriel & Messi


rewind1-1.jpgWhile YUM YUM is gonna be a week later this month we are having a Rewind party at Atomic Cafe with said Djs. About time Gabriel showed up from Berlin. Been a while. He is a close buddy and plays the crowd favourites just as you need them. At the same time he is the guy who is throwing on Live Demo and god knows what else in Berlin. So make sure to check him out. Schu, being a  YUM YUM founding member, needs no introduction – expect the latest in YUM YUM sound from him. Dj No 3 for the night: Messi is a long term friend and YUM YUM affiliate who knows well and witnessed the ever growing YUM YUM sound and tunes – so he knows whats up and is gonna serve you just right.

So ignore what the flyer says (dj wise) and trust me  – thats the lineup for the night and it seems like a good one to be at.
Its not gonna be so much of a Hip Hop show but more digging into the depths of the YUM YUM sound and bringing on crowd favourites and feel good tunes.Ps – here is this months YUM YUM top tune selection to get warmed up.
So if you need your weekly fixx, come by tomorrow at the Atomic Cafe. Doors open 11pm. See you in a blink.