Santogold Live & Aftershow Party on November 29th in Munich


After our TopFriend Santogoldshow in Berlin last July, the lady is finally coming to Munich to play at the on3radio-Festival where she is playing alongside Buraka Som Sistema, our buddy Cajus, my favourites Port O’Brien, good YUM YUM buddies Schlachthofbronx and many others…  After the party there’s an afterparty… and after that the hotel lobby. No but seriously, the Aftershow party is gonna be Santi and Dj/Boyfriend/Snowboard Pro Trouble Andrew and its all gonna take place at erste Liga in Munich. Buddy and erste Liga Boss Marc called me to have it all up on this site, thats why we are definitely presenting it with out TopFriend Moniker & Brand. It all will take place on Saturday November 29th. Too bad i wont be there to make it, since we are having our first and official YUM YUM in Berlin @ Scala. And another ‘too bad’ is that we are having a Top Friend Party @ Cafe King the very same day, but that won’t keep people from rotating from one place to the other, since its all within walking disctance. So cheer up peeps there is plenty of good stuff going down that day, in comparison to other nights – most preferably last weekend, where i had finally off and NADA was going down. So if you wanna know about the biggest name in music in 2008 – go watch Santogold live, come to the Afterparty with Trouble Andrew and check out the Top Friend Phenomena. Here are some pictures from our Top Friend ft Santogold Show in Berlin 4 months ago.

Photo by Palina, ps an older YUM YUM rmx from last March, that appeared in our top tunes list last April.

Santogold: “Les Artistes (YUM YUM version)”