the Dynamics – Reggae cover versions


99534(2).jpgThis is a bunch of 7″es that have been circulating around a lot for the last 6 months or so. The Dynamics is a band that specializes on covering great (and some not so great) tunes and turning them into some unique roots flavoured reggae tracks. Dig almost every releade they did. Here are a couple pf suggestions for your purchase: 1. their reggae interpretation of Madonnas “Music – 2. their rework of the Rolling Stones “Miss you” & Gwen Mcraes “90% of me is you – 3. their very first effort on Big Single – a cover version of the White Stripes “7 Nation Army” & Curtis´”Move on up” – nicely broken up and replayed in half time. – 4. My favourite is not the Dynamics but another band on the Big Single label called GrandMagneto and their cover/ interpretation of Soft Cells “Tainted Love

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